Everything you should know before teaching in Vietnam

September 28, 2020   /   3892 views

Ten Do’s and Don’ts to teach English in Vietnam

December 27, 2015   /   11684 views

As with any foreign country that you may choose to teach English in, Vietnam has its own rules, habits and expectations. As a Westerner, I find I discover new and surprising things about this Asian culture everyday. More often than not, I find myself backtracking on some of my rules a few weeks later too. I began to teach English in Vietnam about one year ago and it has been a memorable experience to say the least thus far. However, these are a few pieces of advice that I have discovered and stuck to throughout my experience teaching in Vietnam. Here are some tips to follow if you are going to live and teach English in Vietnam.

Teaching English in Vietnam – Pay, Visas and Finding a Job

December 27, 2015   /   11883 views

When we decided to teach English in Asia we had a lot of decisions to make. Which country did we want to live in? How easily could we find a job? How much money would we make? What qualifications and experience did we need? We wanted to choose a country we felt we’d enjoy living in but with our travel fund running low we also had to consider where we could earn the most money and take into account visa issues.

Getting a Job in Hanoi

December 25, 2015   /   9777 views

If you’ve ever searched on TEFL job boards for your next teaching job, the prospect of working in Vietnam has no doubt crossed your mind. You’ve probably wondered, what would it be like to live in such and exotic location? If you’re like me, before I moved there three years ago, the nation’s capital is no doubt shrouded with a certain amount of mystery and intrigue. Beyond the conical hats, busy streets filled with motorbikes and palm trees; Hanoi is an unknown quantity for most English teachers. Let me try and shed some light onto this great TEFL location.

Seven Essential Tips for Saving Money in Vietnam

December 25, 2015   /   7871 views

You’re living paycheck to paycheck. You don’t have a stable income. You’re freaking out because you have almost nothing in your savings account. Here are seven essential tips for saving money in Vietnam.