Life In Hanoi

The Exciting Forays of Life: My First Month Teaching in Vietnam

December 24, 2015   /   5516 views

Rebecca and her fiance Justin are two TEFL teachers currently living and working in Hanoi, Vietnam. In this post Rebecca shares her experiences of moving to Vietnam and getting settled. Enjoy!

Part time English Teacher Jobs: Teach and discover the colorful Vietnam

November 29, 2014   /   6571 views

As we have mentioned in the last writing in, there are main kinds of teaching jobs in Vietnam that are the most popular one, they are: full time and part time English teacher. Although full time type is the more common one but part time job has more advantage than the other. Moreover, more teachers prefer part time job

Native English speaker jobs: A perfect option for foreigners in Vietnam

November 29, 2014   /   3117 views

If you are an expat in Vietnam, you may consider finding a job in the country like a Vietnamese. Although there are so many options for a foreigner to choose such as: engineer, specials, doctors,… but the most common job is definitely a position in an educational unit. We will provide you some information about working environment as well as teaching jobs in Vietnam.

English teacher in Hanoi: Some advice for native English teachers

November 29, 2014   /   2297 views

Teaching English abroad is a unique experience in any country, Vietnam is not an exemption. One of the most comfortable places for an English teacher is Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. With many expats, this can be the most beautiful city in Vietnam with the combination of ancient and modern life. If you’re considering teaching English in Vietnam, Hanoi is the city that you cannot miss. Some advice for you before you can work in this city