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The most common job: Teaching ESL in Vietnam

November 29, 2014   /   4084 views

There is a demand for learning English and plentiful opportunities for English teachers and would-be teachers in Vietnam. Teaching English in Vietnam is really a thriving business and it couldn’t be easier to find work here. Some common words that you here about the qualification in teaching in Vietnam may be TESOL, CELTA, ESL

Part time English Teacher Jobs: Teach and discover the colorful Vietnam

November 29, 2014   /   6306 views

As we have mentioned in the last writing in HaNoiTeachingJobs.com, there are main kinds of teaching jobs in Vietnam that are the most popular one, they are: full time and part time English teacher. Although full time type is the more common one but part time job has more advantage than the other. Moreover, more teachers prefer part time job

Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City?

November 29, 2014   /   3346 views

It is one of those questions that pop up whenever there is a new gathering of expatriates in Vietnam. Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City? Which do you prefer?